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Taking Kids Fishing

Nathaniel Learning to Bait a Hook, Cast, And Reel in The Big one.

Nathaniel Learning to Bait a Hook, Cast, And Reel in The Big one.

I’ve been really busy with the wedding plans, but find time in-between to teach my 8 year old the basics. First taught him how to cast , then how to cut the night-crawler in half (dull pocket knife) and thread it on the hook. We began at 5am, according to the feeding graphs 6am would be a great time to catch fish at. So we filled up with gas, breakfast, and coffee and juice. Met Nate (My Fishing Partner) then headed of to lake Arrowhead, but not our usual spot cause that was weeded over something terrible we went to a new location i had discovered while exploring one day. set up camp and got my son fishing ASAP. I wasn’t long before he was pulling in Perch, Sunfish, and Bull Head.

Nathaniel's Sunfish

He had so much fun he only stopped to play with his army-men when the fish really stopped biting. When the bite was on he was at the front line catching fish before we could get out of our chairs.  He reeled in (acording to the new Masters Of Angling program Vermont has started) a Trophy sized Bull head. I’m so proud, he will be receiving a certificate for his trophy catch.

Nathaniel's Trophy Bullhead

Nathaniel's Trophy Bullhead

Now he’s ready for his next fishing adventure before he goes back home to Nebraska for the school year It’s These fishing trips that will make an impression for a lifetime. Take a kid fishing and inspire them!

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2010 Busy Season

The Happy Fisherman

The Happy Fisherman

Hello Everyone , I know it’s been awhile scence my last blog but things have been crazy busy in my life so I thought I’d catch you all up with what I’ve been up to and what I’ve been catching. So Those who follow me on facebook know I have been non stop busy Scence the ice fishing season which ended with us catching the biggest perch we’ve caught and discovering the sweet taste of white perch.

End Of Ice Season Catch

End Of Ice Season Catch

Then we worked continuously on our boat which worked then died every time we put her in the water by the third time, the motor we thought to be an expensive fix just needed to be JB welded and set for 24 hours. (will be posting boat launch success video  on getreeled.com today.) We tested the boat and all it’s gear that day so no fish but we will be taking boat out again soon to really fish from it this time, now that the testing phase is over.

Old Busted Motor

Old Busted Motor

Fixed working Motor

Fixed working Motor

On top of all that I’m planning my wedding, but still managed to squeeze in a day of fishing once every weekend, problem is here in Vermont the spring weather has really been Funky and what I mean is that one day the weather would be in the 80’s and the next would be in the low 60’s threw spring fishing way out of wack, the only fish we caught worth mentioning is a nice size pickerel caught in the shallows from shore.

Nice Spring Pickerel

The last few weekends we went night fishing from shore at Limoil river in hopes of catching channel cats, we caught one small channel cat that night. but before the night was over a ” Mystery” fish doubled over my 8 foot surf rod and put up one heck of a battle I was netting and my buddy Nate was working the fish when he tried to adjust the drag and Snapped the line.

Limoil River

Limoil River

The following weekend we went back, this time loaded with 65 lb sonic braid ,at first the night Started out the same way nice and slow and relaxing, then Nate got his line tangled in the rocks so I went to help. while doing so my rod began to double over and bounce violently, Nate was Lighter and faster than me so I sent him over to catch the rod, He reached it just in time as the rod itself was coming out of the holder and the first battle ensued. Drag screaming, Hearts pounding, Adrenalin flowing. The Beast reached the net to our amazement it was a 13lb freshwater drum (better known as a sheephead) , almost 3 feet long. shortly after that I reeled in a 9 lb that was 2 feet 4 inches. Awesome fish and wicked battle. The Following photo are our victory and trophy poses from that night.

Nate's Victory Pose

Nate's Victory Pose

My Victory Pose

My Victory Pose

"Nate's Trophy Pose"

"Nate's Trophy Pose"

My Trophy Pose

My Trophy Pose

well that should catch us up for the moment, and I’m almost Finished with installing our pool, which was eating up alot more time than anticipated. and only a few more months left till the wedding i should be back in business and blogging more often. thanks for your time and patience.

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Award Season Has Come AND Gone…

and I don’t know how many of you like to watch the Oscars, but I DO!!! I mean…if I could…I would dress up in my ball gown and get my hair “did” just to sit there and pretend like I am someone super special in Hollywood :) You know me…anything for a dress up night!!!
and now, sadly, The Golden Globes, The Oscars, The Grammy’s, and all the best shows have passed us by. BUT all is not lost…
I would like to announce and introduce a brand new awards show that I think will pretty much kick the asses of all other award shows produced at this time. Are you READY????? …
OK so it’s not reeeeeeeallly a “show” per se…BUT unlike the Oscars or the Golden Globes, I couldn’t care less about those big Hollywood names with their pretty dresses and their big hair. The Lizzy Awards are all about comfort, quality, and FUN!!! The winners will be voted on and decided by YOU!!!!
But there is another side…YOU must nominate your favorite people, products, and places in each category so we will all have something to vote for!!! Annnnnd…the categories are:
Gear Categories:
1. Best All Around Rod
2. Best All Around Reel
3. Best Fly Rod
4. Best Fly Reel
5. Best All Around Lure/Bait
6. Best Species Specific Lure/Bait
7. Best Fly
8. Best Tacklebox/bag
9. Best Line (any test/any type)
10. Best In Show (any other product that you think deserves a mention)
Other Categories:
11. Best All Around Fishing Magazine
12. Best Species Specific Magazine
13. Best Fishing TV Show
14. Best Hunting TV Show
15. Best Fishing Blog
16. Best Hunting Blog
17. Best All Around Outdoor Blog
18. Best Fishing Show Host
19. Best Outdoor Store
and last but not least (and the equivalent to the BEST ACTRESS/ACTOR):
20. Best Fish (the species most sought after)
So…those are the categories. To nominate a product, person, or place for a category simply leave me a comment and give me the details. You can also email me your nominations at fisherbabestaff@fisherbabe.com
The winners of a LIZZY AWARD will receive the equivalent of an “Internet Oscar”…a LIZZY badge to put on their website because I mean…this is IMPORTANT stuff!!! LOL :) From what I am hearing from all the popular gossip magazines, EVERYONE is in a frenzy to get a Lizzy…LOL ;)
So get to nominating!! Obviously, not all the greatest products will be nominated or mentioned so please don’t get your panties in a wad if your favorite doesn’t make the list. I mean…you can remedy that of course by taking a few minutes to comment ;) But regardless…again…it’s all just SUPER FUN!!!
Get to Nominating FOLKS. You have until Monday (one week from yesterday) to nominate as much stuff as you want. You can nominate as many products in one category as you wish. Then, starting on Monday you will find a new (or some new) polls on my blog each day and it’s that EASY!!! Then, in May, I will announce the winners of the LIZZY awards as chosen by you!!!! To nominate a product, place, or thing, you can just leave a comment right here OR you can send your nominations to my email at fisherbabestaff@fisherbabe.com!!

Here’s hoping you all come out to play!!!

Happy Nominating ~

LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe


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The Steripen…A Love Story

Today I was trolling around on my twitter account and…I will admit it…I was having some major fun bullsh**ing with my twitter buddies. I do have some lovely buds on that little site. Anyways, I looked up and realized that I had a new follower. SOOOO, I, of course, clicked on my little followers tab and found the name @Steripen listed as my new follower. It sounded kinda cool so I clicked on thier name, and it took me to the website.
OH MY GOSH…LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! I am seriously having an internet love affair with this gadget and it’s devoted website. All the anglers out there that share my love of rustic/outpost fishing will understand this love affair completely. Most of the time, by the end of the week, all I can think of is HOW MANY MORE POTS OF WATER WILL I HAVE TO BOIL…and, of course, the ever present IF I DRINK THIS WATER RIGHT NOW WITHOUT BOILING IT, WILL I REALLY DIE…LOL :)
The Steripen fixes all that crap you used to have to do to get clean drinking water. PLUS…it is SOOOOO sleek and small!!! I tell you…I AM IN LOVE and I haven’t even met it yet!!!
The website gives the following information:
“SteriPEN products have been tested by the Water Quality Association (WQA) against the US EPA Microbiological Water Purifier Standard. SteriPEN has received the WQA’s Gold Seal, certifying that SteriPEN purifies water safely and effectively.”
Here is what this gadget looks like…

Isn’t it handsome!! Look at the sleek and compact design of this awesome little life saver!!! I am just adoring this…and I will be interested to see how it works.

More from the website:

“SteriPEN harnesses the brilliant power of ultraviolet light to make water safe to drink. It’s the same technology used by leading bottled water manufacturers, as well as major cities in the U.S., Europe and Asia to purify water.”

I am thinking that this is a must have for The Fisherbabe’s upcoming trip to Canada…Dunlop’s has filtered water available, but I just want to give it a try and check it out. I want to see if it really is the water purification love of my life…

Have any of you used this gadget???? I know it has been around for a while!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on the product!!!! Leave a comment and tell me!!!  For more information on this product, please check out their website at www.steripen.com!!!

I will make sure to let you all know whether we get married…or just hook up for a while ;)

Happy Weekend ~

LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

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In Honor Of Jessica Simpson…

and her little act of bravery of posing SANS MAKEUP AND RETOUCHING in this month’s Marie Claire, I am posting a picture of myself au naturel.
Come on ladies!! Be confident in yourselves and know that you are beautiful just the way you are…fish guts under your nails and all!! LOL ;)

It really isn’t convenient to wear makeup on the lake, but I want to know what you all think!!! What is your opinion of wearing makeup while fishing? Ladies, do you smear it on before hitting the water? Guys, what do you think of all this?? And please, tell me what you think of calling the act of going au naturel BRAVE??? How does this all fit into the outdoors?

And LADIES…if you are super confident in yourself and you wanna post a photo of your beautiful self au naturel, please do!!!! Here at “From The Fisherbabe” we love you just the way you are!!!!

Happy Fishing ~

LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe


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A Ban On Fishing…WTF???

If you have had any kind of access to the news or the internet over the past couple of days, you have probably heard the same rumors that I have heard…That President Obama is issuing an “executive order” that will effectively ban all fishing in the United States. Now…this just seems kind of ridiculous. It seems to me that banning an activity that offers hours of recreational outdoor fun to all ages and provides healthy, yummy meals to many American families would be outrageous and extreme. Therefore, I felt that it was completely unlikely to occur.
However, because I ADORE the sport of fishing so much and hold the activity as vital to a happy life, I decided to do a little researching on the topic to see what I could find on the subject. To be honest, there’s just not a lot of “real and reliable” news out there about this topic. However, there are certainly a lot of bloggers, twitterers, and facebookers making their opinion known!!! Although I appreciate fellow blogger’s opinions, I really wanted some cold, hard facts before making assumptions or jumping to the conclusion that I was about to lose a very important part of my life.
I did a little googling, a little researching, and a lot of reading and below is some information that I have found to be key to understanding the issues at hand:
On June 12, 2009, President Obama sent a memoradum to the heads of executive departments and federal agencies establishing an Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, led by the White House Council on Enviromental Quality. The Task Force is charged with developing a recommendation for a national policy that ensures protection, maintenance, and restoration of oceans, our coasts and the Great Lakes. It will also recommend a framework for improved stewardship, and effective coastal and marine spatial planning.


On September 10, 2009, The White House Council on Environmental Quality issued an “Interim Report of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force. To view this report in full, please CLICK HERE.
This report, in short, responds to President Obama’s memoradum, which created this task force. The Presidential memorandum charged the task force with developing recommendations for policies imperative to protecting our nations aquatic resources. The task force had 90 days to address three (3) key issues. These issues included:
” A national policy that ensures the protection, maintenance, and restoration of the health of ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes ecosystems and resources, enhances the sustainability of ocean and coastal economies, preserves or maritime heritage, provides for adaptive management to enhance our understanding of and capacity to respond to climate change, and is coordinated with our national security and foreign policy interests….”

“A United States framework for policy coordination of efforts to improve stewardship of the oceans, our coasts, and the Great Lakes….”

“An implementation strategy that identifies and prioritizes a set of objectives the United States should pursue to meet the objectives of a national policy for the oceans, our coasts, and the Great Lakes.”

The memorandum gave the task force 180 days to address the following:

“The Task Force shall develop, with appropriate public input, a recommended framework for effective coastal and marine spatial planning….”

Additionally, the interim report set out this “vision” for the future of our aquatic resources:

An America whose stewardship ensures that the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes are healthy and resilient, safe and productive, and understood and treasured so as to promote the well-being, prosperity, and security of present and future generations.”

The report then goes on to say the following:

“America is intricately connected to and directly reliant on the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes. Each of us – whether living and working in the country’s heartland or along its coasts – affects and is affected by these places. Their beauty inspires us, and their bounty contributes to our national well-being and security…With over 95,000 miles of coastline and the largest exclusive economic zone in the world, our Nation benefits from a wealth of goods and services derived from the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes. They provide food, fresh water, minerals, energy, and other natural resources and ecological benefits. They support tens of millions of jobs, and are a source of recreation….”

“Along many areas of our coasts and within the Great Lakes, biological diversity is in decline due to overfishing, introduction of invasive species, and loss and degradation of essential habitats from coastal development and associated human activities. The introduction of non-native species can carry significant ecological and economic costs….”

Additionally, the task force set out some objectives for the new regulations. The following are some examples:

  • Support sustainable, safe, secure, and productive uses of the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes.
  • Respect and preserve our Nation’s maritime heritage, including our social, cultural, and historical values.

Although this is not the report in its entirety, these are some key parts that I think probably contributed to the “fishing ban” rumors. These key parts should also clue a person into the falsity of such a rumor. I did read the full report, and nowhere did I see it state that a complete ban of ALL FISHING should be enacted. What I did see, however, is a government who is noticing that there have been some factors in recent years that have been very detrimental to our aquatic resources as a whole. Though some people do not want to acknowledge or face the truth, the government is not wrong in addressing these concerns. For example, the introduction of Zebra Mussels in North American fisheries have caused millions…yes millions…of dollars in damage to the Great Lakes Region alone. Economic damage is not the only concern, however, with these unwanted intruders. The introduction of Zebra Mussels threaten to disrupt aquatic communities throughout most of North America.

On top of these types of alien introductions to our aquatic systems, the industry of commercial fishing is a hot topic for regulation these days, as well. Commercial fishing is an industry that is in full force all over the world. In our country alone, commercial fishing is one of the oldest industries known. On the upside, it has given many people a chance to make an income, feed families, and to make a go at the “American” dream. On the downside, however, some commercial fishing practices have seriously decreased our numbers of certain types of fish. Please note that I put practices in bold for a reason. I am not against the industry nor do I feel that the commercial fishing industry as a whole is to blame. However, some practices that are utilized by some in the industry could be partly to blame for the decline.

Christine Glunz, spokeswoman for the Council on Environmental Quality, gave this statement to FOXnews on Wednesday, “These draft reports are not map-drawing exercises, they do not contain a zoning plan and they do not establish any restrictions on recreational fishing or on public access, nor make any judgments about whether one ocean activity or use is better than another.” She also stated, “the task force “sincerely appreciates” the conservation efforts of recreational fishermen and women, and it believes their continued enjoyment of that activity is “critical to the economic, social and cultural fabric” of the United States. In fact, one of our main goals is to ensure healthier ocean, coasts and Great Lakes, which will benefit all recreational activities and the communities and economies that rely on them.”

I would advise that anglers keep in mind the reasons why the government might have deemed it necessary to examine the state of our aquatic resources at this time. I cannot disagree with a plan to put forth some new regulations to ensure the preservation and quality of such resources for us, our children, and future generations.

We should also remember that there was another President who did much the same thing in the early 1900’s. Teddy Roosevelt, an avid hunter and conservationalist, saw a great need to preserve some of our nation’s land as “wild and natural” for future generations. Because humans were expanding and growing so rapidly into the new frontier, the land in its natural state was being destroyed. Therefore, regulations had to be put into place to protect and nurture part of our nation in its original, wild state. President Roosevelt understood that, without regulation, neither the land, nor the beautiful lessons that it can teach us, would be there for future generations to enjoy.

I am not concerned about my hobby being yanked away from me by the goverment…at least not at the present time. It is pretty clear to me that the “complete fishing ban” rumor is based on a complete misunderstanding of the new task force recommendations. I am aware that many people will disagree with me on the topic and that many people are very much up in arms about the new policies being suggested. However, all I am asking is that before you jump to conclusions or make rash judgments or trust the opinions of others, find out the facts for yourself. Do your research!!! You just cannot formulate a sound, reasonable opinion without having the facts.

And this goes double for reputable news agencies and news sources from which much of our knowledge as a society is derived. Shame on you (and you know who you are) for propogating a rumor that has absolutely no factual basis and for transmitting such material in a way that is so outrageously irresponsible and reckless.

These types of issues may not be quite as important to the media as say…some out-of-control celebrity’s latest antics or who will go first in the NFL draft next month, but these are issues that many Americans hold near and dear to thier hearts. Fishing is not only a recreational activity, but is a passion which cannot be described in words. It is a love affair with nature which holds your heart forever. It is a lifestyle that breathes into every angler a fresh, positive outlook with every new lake, and puts forth into the world a renewed energy with each changing season.

To you it may just be an obscure sport for which you can find no reason to waste time finding the truth…but to US, to this nation’s anglers…it is our soul.

Happy Fishing (for many years to come!!!) ~

LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

If you would like to read up on some of the happenings (with both the government and fellow angers), quite a bit more information can be found by going to http://sports.espn.go.com/outdoors/fishing/featureIndex?page=angling_for_access_archive_Angling%20For%20Access%20News%20Archive


**Sources used for information in this post:

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Gearing Up And Prepping For A Big Fishing Trip…

is something that always gets me excited AND something I like to MONTHS in advance. It takes time to get all my packing lists made, my gear prepped and ready, replacement lures bought, and etcetera, etcetera…the things to do list goes on and on…and on!!!  Since my trip is only a mere couple of months away (the end of May), I think it’s about time to get shaking on this prepping stuff…LOL!!!
This year we are visiting Dunlops Fly In Lodge on Lake Waskaiowaka (pictured below) in beautiful Manitoba, Canada. Now…this is the trip we planned for LAST SPRING but ended up not going on because the lake was still frozen the week we were supposed to leave. So we had to scramble like crazy at the last minute to try and find a different, unfrozen lake and lodge that could accomodate us. We ended up finding one, and it was the trip of a lifetime. Even so…I sure hope that Dunlop’s and Lake Waskiaowaka works out for us this year. THIS is going to be an amazing lodge to visit!!!

Dunlops Lodge is the ONLY lodge on the lake…which means NO OTHER FISHING PRESSURE. This quality is really important to me when booking a trip…nothing like boating out to the super hot fishing spot you finally found after a week of seriously hardcore look outs and hunts only to find it surrounded by 25 other boats full of eager anglers. I won’t lie…that crap just plain sucks!!!
AND…so if a prime lake with no fishing pressure isn’t enough, LOOK at what it says on its website:
“With your total comfort in mind each cabin is equipped with all of the essentials: showers, indoor plumbing, and 24 hour generated electricity. Every day, the cabins are serviced with fresh towels and light housekeeping. Satellite phone and high-speed Internet are available.”
O.M.G!!! This trip is going to be TOTAL luxury!! Showers AND indoor plumbing PLUS
they cook you amazing meals (pictured below) in their lodge…this is one SUPER EXCITED FISHERBABE!!!! Plus, it offers the added bonus of 24 hour electricity.  The guest cabins (pictured above) look so cute and comfy!!!

AND…if you can believe it…the MOST exciting part, they offer high speed internet!!! You know what this means??? I might finally get to do a little blogging RIGHT FROM CAMP!!! I have always wanted to blog and twitter straight from camp…you know just little photos and tidbits about what is happening and details on my MONSTER catches, but I have never been to a camp that offered the luxury of high speed internet to anglers. Oh My Gosh…I am beyond excited!!
This year I am planning to shoot quite a few little webisodes while at camp, too!!! In addition to filming a little interview with the camp owner and/or manager, I hope to offer some great footage of traveling, the camp, the lake, and my experiences while at the camp…and OF COURSE WHILE FISHING!!!  I just cannot WAIT!!!
If you would like to see more in-depth information about this really amazing camp, the website to visit is http://www.dunlopfishing.com/.  The camp is owned and operated by Jerry Dunlop and his lovely family.  If you are interested in visiting this camp, you can contact Jerry by sending an email to  jerry@dunlopfishing.com or by calling the camp telephone number (204-422-6809).  I am sure they would be super happy to give you any information or help that you may need to plan your next Canadian Fishing Adventure at their camp!!!
OKAY…so I gotta get going!!  I need to re-spool my reels, start my lists, visit cabelas, visit www.cabelas.com, reorganize my tackle box, find my long johns, see if my fishing jeans from last year still fit, buy cool new fishing jeans, research pretty fishing boots, research pretty yet durable raingear…in PINK, paint a few new lures, daydream about the MONSTERS Ima catch, get a pedicure (with generic colored painted toes), buy new super pretty smelling shampoo and conditioner from Victorias Secret………………………………………………..
Happy Spring You Guys  ~  FISH ON!!!
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe
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So…If You Visit My Fisherbabe Blog Today You Might Notice…

that I have made some minor changes to the format of my bloggy blog!!!
Head on over to www.fisherbabe.com to check out the changes!!! 
Blogger now offers PAGES for thier blogging folks, and I am incredibly excited about this addition. Sure makes for a less cluttered blog page and a more organized, easy to navigate home page, that is FOR SURE!!! I spent the whole day yesterday deciding what pages to add and how to organize things in a way that would keep everything both reader and blogger friendly!!!!!!!!!! I think it’s all just SUPER FABULOUS!!!

Please note that links to every page can be found at the top of my blog under the heading. They appear in dark purple letters. Just click on the page you want to visit…sooooo easy!!!

Don’t worry…all of my FAVORITE, FABULOUS bloggy blog friends are still linked on this site. Now, you can easily locate the links on the “Good Links” page!! There are some super blogs listed there so…if you haven’t already…I would suggest you check them out!!!

You might notice, also, that some ads have popped up on the side bar of this blog. I am toying with the idea of offering some advertising space for companies that I really love…but don’t worry, I am not planning on cluttering up the blog with ads. However, I do think that there are some great outdoor companies out there with some FAB websites that my readers would really enjoy visiting.

Additionally, there is now a page called “A Word From Our Sponsors”. This page is dedicated solely to giving a more detailed description of the companies that advertise with the Fisherbabe. If you want to know more about a company, you can click their logo on any blog page for a quick link to their website OR you can head over to the sponsor page to see more info!!!

There is also a page entitled “Gallery” that I am SUPER excited about!!! I am stoked to be able to post lots of photos from my great travels around the world!!! Expect lots more to be posted on that page SOON!!! In addition, I still have a bit of organizing to do on that page!!

The “Trip Ideas” page is dedicated to my posts that fall under the label of “The Fisherbabe’s Guide To Gettin’ Away”. I know that I have been really crappy at writing these types of posts. Hopefully, I can remedy that in the future. Maybe I can write one this week!!!

I am also toying with the idea of adding a “Tips & Tricks” page to the mix for things like knot suggestions, fun gear ideas, lure choices, ect. This new blogger page feature allows you to add TEN total new pages to your blog. 10 is a lot but seems like a waste not to use them. My main concern is ensuring that everything remains user friendly. SO I BEG YOU…if things start to get out of control and my blog becomes difficult to navigate for some reason, shoot me an email and let me know so that I can fix it up!!!

Most importantly, my most recent blog posts can always be found fast & easy on the blogs home page…after all, the #1 reason for this blog is to share my passion for fishing with YOU GUYS. Keeping the posts and reader comments front and center will always be my main priority!!!!

I hope you all enjoy the new updates. Keep your eyes open for a few new pages that should appear very soon including the “Tips & Tricks” page…AND a SUPER WONDERFUL page that will be dedicated to READERS FAVORITE OUTDOOR PHOTOS!!!! This addition is one that I am extraordinarily excited about…so STAY TUNED!!!

Happy Reading ~

LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

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Burning Questions…

Okay…so maybe not “burning” questions but questions none-the-less…and they are interesting…SUPER BONUS!!! A couple of weeks ago, I received this super cool email from Jim Ridzon (of Ask.com/) in my Fisherbabe inbox:

Hi Lizzy, With the Bassmaster Classic ready to cast-off in a few short days, we thought it would be interesting to share with you and your readers the top questions being asked about fishing on Ask.com. Feel free to share this list with your readers, offer up some answers and as always, if you have any questions, just ask!

Top Ten Fishing Questions from Ask.com:

1. How do you tie fishing knots?
2. When is the best time to go fishing?
3. What bait do you use for bass fishing?
4. Who invented the fishing pole?
5. How much is a fishing license?
6. How do you put new line on a fishing rod?
7. How does barometric pressure affect fishing?
8. What is the biggest fishing state?
9. How do you fish for bass?
10. How do I start my own fishing guide service?

So…now…I think these questions are FUN…but I am not a pro Bass Fisherbabe. Therefore, questions #3 and #9 are out of my league. As you all are aware…I focus mostly on Canadian Sport Fish…like Pike and Lakers!!! However, this I promise you will be remedied this year. This year…I am on a quest for some MONSTER large mouth AND small mouth bass. I plan to dedicate many after work evenings and much weekend time to achieving this goal…and of course, you will all hear about my adventures in becoming a “bass babe” right here…or maybe I should say misadventures…LOL :)

Anyways…because this is my new goal, these questions are ones that I NEED ANSWERS TO!!! I do not know the best baits for bass fishing. Should I go with live bait or soft plastics or lures??? I am pretty sure that my orange hammer won’t do the trick…so I need help…LOL :) I also would like to see what answers I get for the #9 question of “how do you fish for bass?” Those answers should be interesting to read…LOL!!!

However, the other questions are ones that I can take a shot at!!! Get ready for a lengthy post folks cause here goes…

#1: How do you tie fishing knots? Hmmmm…well okay…see now…there are A MILLION different knots in the fishing world!!! This is not a question that can be answered in a mere sentence or two. For any beginner, however, I would say…go with the Trilene Knot. It is easy to master and definitely stable and secure enough for even the biggest fish. My own favorite (and special secret) knot is a variation of the Trilene Knot. The instructions can be found by purchasing any spool of Berkley Trilene Line or by visiting www.berkley-fishing.com/!!!

#2: When is the best time to go fishing? A.N.Y.T.I.M.E…yes I am dead serious…LOL!!!

#4. Who invented the fishing pole? I am not sure there is a correct answer for this question. I posed the question to google and found no good, reliable response. It is my thoughts that some variation of the “fishing pole” has been around for thousands of years. I mean…even Jesus fished, right???? Therefore, I have no answer for this one. If you have the answer, though, I would love to hear it…LOL :)

#5. How much is a fishing license? The cost of fishing licenses vary from state to state. For example, here in Nebraska a resident annual fishing license costs $28.50. A non-resident annual license costs $60.50. However, in Alaska, a resident annual sport fishing license costs $24.00. Alaska, also offers a lower price of $5.00 for low income individuals. A non-resident annual sport fishing license costs $145.00. In Arkansas, my lovely birth state, a resident annual fisheries conservation license costs only $10.50, and a non-resident annual fishing license costs a mere $40.00. Additional costs may be incurred in this state, however, if you are going after specific types of fish such as trout or for fish in certain waters not included in the regular license.

I suggest visiting a state’s parks and recreation site to find out the exact cost for fishing licenses in the state in which you wish to fish!!!

#6. How do you put new line on a fishing rod? Well…I think the question should really be…How do you put new line on a fishing “REEL”!!! Here is how I do it!!! First things first, you must take off any old line you have on your rod!!! I always put new line on my rods after each trip…losing a fish because you were too lazy to re-spool your rod would be ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC!!!

The next step is to figure out what “test” you want to spool onto your rod. For my upcoming trip to catch Northern Pike, I put 20 pound test onto my Shimano Cardiff 200A. After you have picked out the appropriate line, you need to “thread” the line through the eyes of the rod starting from the tip and ending by tightly tying the line to the “core” or center of your reel. Threading it through the rod is done to ensure an even distribution of your line across the whole of the reel. This, in turn, ensures for the smoothest, farthest casting that is possible and minimizes the risk of knots and birds nests which can compromise the durability of your line.

Once you are ready to begin the spooling process, I would suggest inserting a pencil through the center hole of the spool of line and have someone assist you by holding the pencil on each end. This allows for the line to come off the spool smoothly (and evenly) and really helps to avoid tangles. Plus…it really is faster to have some help!!! Make sure you hold the line (loose but steady) with your thumb and forefinger at the base of the rod handle to ensure even distribution. Once you begin spooling the line on your reel, just keep cranking until you have spooled on the desired amount of line. I always fill mine “almost” up to the first little ledge on my Cardiff…so “almost” full. Clip the line and tie it off…you are ready for your next SUPER AWESOME FISHING ADVENTURE!!!

#7. How does barometric pressure affect fishing? Apparently, Barometric Pressure is the measure of the weight of the atmosphere above us…which I did not know until I googled it. Looky there, I learned something today!!! Here is the information I found to be most useful…

Barometric Pressure exerts pressure on the waters we fish and even on us. In fact, it can change how well some people feel. It is believed by many, that it may have a similar and even more dramatic effect on fish effecting their feeding habits. Measurement of barometric pressure is accomplished with the use of a barometer. A barometer measures the weight of the atmosphere per square inch (pressure) and compares it to the weight of a column of mercury.

It is important to note that the effects of barometric pressure is greater in fresh and shallow waters, than it is in deeper waters. This is probably due to the fact that the pressure of water is so much greater in deeper waters making the air pressure above it no longer having any significance.

Some general rules regarding barometric pressure are:

High – Clear skies – Fish slow down, find cover or go to deeper waters – Slow down lures and use baits more attractive to fish – Fish in cover and in deeper waters.

Rising – Clearing or improving – Fish tend to become slightly more active – Fish with brighter lures and near cover – Also fish at intermediate and deeper depths.

Normal and stable – Fair – Normal fishing – Experiment with your favorite baits and lures.

Falling – Degrading – Most active fishing – Speed up lures. Surface and shallow running lures may work well.

Slightly lower – Usually cloudy – Many fish will head away from cover and seek shallower waters. Some fish will become more aggressive – Use shallow running lures at a moderate speed.

Low – Rainy and stormy – Fish will tend to become less active the longer this period remains – As the action subsides, try fishing at deeper depths.

It is important to note that after a long feeding period, the action will slow regardless of the following conditions. On the flip side, a long period of poor fishing conditions may be followed by a really good one.

It is also important to note, that the barometric pressure is just one of many factors that effect fish feeding habits. Other effects include water temperature, light, tidal forces, water clarity, the pH level, water levels, wind/surface disturbance, boat traffic, fishing pressure, and so on. Another good judging factor of fishing is the solunar effects which play a role in the tidal and illumination factors.

** information taken from http://www.quickoneplus.com/fish/articles/page.asp?page=barometric

#8. What is the biggest fishing state? Eh…I am not even going to attempt to answer this one. In my opinion, the biggest fishing state is the one you most enjoy to fish!!!

#10. How do I start my own fishing guide service? Well…I do not own my own fishing guide service and in fact, have not ever utilized a fishing guide service. Therefore, I may not be the best person to answer this question.

However, I did do a google search to see what advice google recommends…LOL. I was surprised that the general tips that were given most often were ones that I would assume would be quite useful. Here is what I came up with…the first tip is to remember that, although you are doing something you most likely love and are passionate about, it is still a business. Therefore, having (and FOLLOWING) a strong business and marketing plan is ESSENTIAL to the success of your guide service. Additionally, make sure that you know and fully understand the Federal, State, and Local laws that will govern not only the business side of your service but the fishing and recreational side, as well.

Take a look at your competition and make a list. What do they do that you like and that you think works well? What do they do that you do not like? Also, think back to any guide services or charters that you have experienced, and make a list of why you loved the adventure and why you did not. Pulling ideas from your own experiences and from the market itself can be a very useful tool for your new business. Just be careful not to be a copycat. Do not do or use anything that would be even remotely considered plagiarism or copyright/trademark infringement. Not only is this illegal…but it is just generally bad manners and poor business etiquette.

You will need the tools for your business so make sure to include that in your business plan and budget. You must have boats and gear for those who do not have or do not want to use their own, and these tools MUST be trustworthy, durable, and dependable. People will be paying YOU money to use this gear. Therefore, ensuring that the gear is of good quality will decrease the chances of a dissatisfied customer…which is sure to happen if your cheap gear breaks down when a fish of a lifetime is on the line.

Set out your services, packages, and rates in an easy to understand manner on colorful, professional brochures. In this day and age, a great website can make or break a company. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but it does have to be professional and well maintained. Also, it must be interesting enough to catch a person’s eye and retain their interest. Adding a blog to the website is a great way to interact with potential customers, build relationships, and update site users about your adventures!!! Make sure that any disclaimers, legal notices, and/or safety requirements are displayed in an easy to see and understand manner on all your correspondence materials. Additionally, make sure YOU know and understand all safety requirements of the service you are providing before EVER heading out onto the water. You want your business to be a swinging success…NOT a huge liability or lawsuit waiting to happen!!!

In short, dot your i’s and cross your t’s, as the old saying goes. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row, and you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar…LOL :) Those sayings about sum it up…Make sure you are doing right by the law, you have your business plan, gear, and marketing materials in order, and be nice to your customers whether potential or paid up!!!

*This information was gathered from www.startupbizhub.com/how-to-start-your-own-charter-fishing-business.htm

So there ya go…my attempt at answering a few fishy type questions. I am totally interested in YOUR answers, however, so I would simply ADORE to see one of two things occur: (1) leave me a comment and answer my questions…I don’t care how long the comment is…in this instance, the longer the better cause I wanna know!! or (2) if you have your own blog, do your own post answering these same questions with your own fabulous flair…but make sure to comment here and let me know about your post!!! I can’t wait to see your responses!!!

Happy Question Answering and FISH ON ~

LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

**The image at the top of this page was taken from www.ask.com. http://www.ask.com/ is a great website to use when you need a great answer to that burning question fast!!!

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Okay…So I Am Turning 30 In July Of This Year…

and I am not…AT ALL…looking forward to it. I mean…for some reason…I feel like 30 is the birthday I am going to dread the most. There is just something about saying “I am in my 20’s” that I love. But who knows…maybe I can make 30 EVEN BETTER!!!

And the first way I am making 30 even better is by asking for an amazing 30th birthday gift…a 7 day cruise to FOUR…yes I said FOUR…amazing countries. My husband has given it the greenlight and so in December, I will be traveling to Mexico, Grand Cayman, Honduras, and Belize. I am beyond excited to be a jetsetter and cruiser for this trip.

Apparently, Grand Cayman and Isla Roatan have some of the best BEST best snorkeling in the world. I can’t wait to get up close and personal with my friends the fishies…no SHARKS though…just fishies that can’t eat me. Maybe I can even get some great deep sea fishing in while visiting Cozumel, but even if I can’t, I simply adore gazing at all the beautiful creatures under the sea.

Our first stop on the lovely Carnival Cruise ship, “the Legend” will be to Cozumel. I love Cozumel, but personally, I am more excited about the next stop at Grand Cayman Island.

I can’t wait to visit the 7 mile beach which is pictured above. Doesn’t it look absolutely lovely. I can already imagine myself lounging in my bikini…sh**…I had some fattening Wendy’s for lunch…oh well!!! Anyways, doesn’t it look lovely?? LOL…I cannot wait!!! Another huge reason I am excited for Grand Cayman is this…

Stingray City!!!! Apparently..there is a whoooooole city of stingrays that swim around your legs and suck squid out of your hand…YIPPPPEEEE ~ I can’t wait. It sounds amazing to me!!! They are such beautiful creatures!!!

The next place we are visiting that I am incredibly excited about is Isla Roatan, Honduras. I hear this little island has the ABSOLUTE BEST snorkeling in the world. And look…

isn’t it beautiful. A lot of the excursions that are offered on cruise ships are lovely BUT expensive. So I always look for things to do that are safe and fun but NOT offered by the cruise ship. Apparently, Isla Roatan has a gorgeous butterfly sanctuary that only costs $5 US dollars to enter and you can take a bus there from the pier for a mere $.80 US cents. So, for a lovely $5.80 US dollars, we can see butterflies like this…

and have them float around your head and land in your hair!!! WOOT WOOT!!! It doesn’t get better than butterflies dancing around you in one of the most beautiful places on earth!!!

Belize City is another stop on our lovely trip. Although I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to visit Belize, this ship docks in Belize City. Now, I am sure Belize City is lovely, but it is a city and I love the islands. I still have to do some more research on this location, but the one thing I really hope to do someday is to take a helicopter ride over the Blue Hole. Pretty amazing right???

So this is how I am battling the 30 year blues. I think adding a 30 year old PAR-TAY to the mix would be super and give me something to look forward to instead of dreading that day!! Have any of you visited any of these places?? I would love some suggestions on where to visit and what to do while I am there!!! I would especially love some information on Belize City. I feel like I am being unfair to this place because I can’t find any great information on it in my guide books. If you have visited Belize City, please leave a comment and tell me how wonderful it is!!!

I am slowly but surely realizing that my life has been pretty extraordinary for being only 30 years old. Perhaps the key to understanding how to deal with 30 is realizing that I am a very lucky girl to get to travel to all these amazing places with such amazing people!! I certainly have a lot to be thankful for!!

Besides, I am starting to think that 30 is absolutely the hottest and funnest age of all…at least, until I turn 31 that is ;)

Happy Fishing ~

LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

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