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May 2008

Our trip to Burntwood Lake Lodge in Manitoba, Canada was my first trek into the wild country of Canada. When my husband, Cody, expressed interest in taking me along on one of his week long trips to rough it and fish like crazy everyday all day in some remote location in a country I had never been before, I admit I was a bit weary. I mean, I like to fish…but I am a real girlie girl. I like shoes that are inappropriate for boats and mud and fish scales, and I like dresses and make-up and hot rollers :) As a matter of fact, my first thought may have been related to the luggage and weight limitations that the fly-in outpost camps give to their visitors. I was puzzled on the matter of fitting all the stuff I would need into one duffel bag.Regardless to say, I packed lighter than usual. There are many uses for 4 inch platform snake skin Jessica Simpson pumps, but fishing in Canada, sadly, is not on that list. I gave up on the idea of hot rollers and the like when I realized that the cabin we were staying in did not have actual electricity. A wood burning stove would keep us warm at night and we would have nice, warm showers. According to my husband, this was a real luxury, and I was appalled at his definition of luxury!!!
I must admit that I had a ton of fun shopping for gear and tackle. I did not have alot of the tackle that I would need for the trip so a trip to Cabelas Outfitters was imperative. Cabelas is an amazing store and I had such a great time shopping for tackle boxes, rain gear, boots, and that special, secret lure that would surely catch me the biggest fish of all time!!! In the end, I would quickly find out you only really need two lures when fishing in Canada, but I was prepared none the less. I am proud to say that, after a few more trips to Cabelas (and http://www.cabelas.com/), my collection of gear and tackle would make any fisherman or fisherbabe totally jealous.
Arriving at Burntwood Lake Lodge was an experience, because we had to fly in on a float plane. I had done this one other time in Alaska, and it was pretty fun then. This time I got a little air sick but ended up just fine. We threw our stuff in the cabin and headed to the Lake. That first afternoon turned up nothing major…I caught a 5 or 6 pounder right a way and then nothing else for the rest of the day. But, I knew it would get better!!!
After that first afternoon, the fish were caught in swarms. I bet I caught at least 200 walleye over the week and countless Northern Pike. Most of mine were smaller…I guess you have to put in the time and the trips to finally catch that monster….but I did catch an 8 – 9 pounder that last day. Even though I did not catch the monster, my husband caught numerous large Pike, as did my father in law and sister in law who were both in the other boat. I have to say, I did an amazing job of working that net, though!!
The camp and cabins turned out to be more than I could have hoped for, and the meals that the cook prepared for us were absolutely amazing, to say the least. We had steak, pork, potatoes, and many more delicious dishes. I will not get into the desserts, because I would be typing all night. The staff there were so awesome, and they really made the trip special. I cannot say enough great things about their service and great attitudes.
All in all, my first trip to Canada was so amazing that I have been dying to go back ever since we returned. We have another trip planned in May of this year, but that is not soon enough. I was completely hooked (pun intended) on Canada fishing that first evening when, after dinner, I sat down in front of the big picture window at the Lodge, cracked open an ice cold bottle of Labatt Blue Canadian Beer, and stared at the most amazing and peaceful sunset I had ever seen in my life. The fish were jumping, and I found myself in a state of mind that is not common these days…completely stress free and relaxed.
And as for all my worries about high heels and hot rollers, all it took was one tug on my line to change my way of thinking. There is no better feeling in the world than feeling that first bite…anything could be down there, and there is no better exercise for an imagination than having a fish on your line. PLUS, I really like my hiking boots from Cabelas…and my hubby things they are hot!!!
But now that I think about it, they really should make those boots in metallic snakeskin…then life really would be perfect!!!~
~LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

Please visit http://www.burntwoodlakelodge.com/ if you would like more information on visiting this fantastic lodge and outpost camp.

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